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  • Flowers that produce seeds can be left standing through the winter, providing important food for birds.
  • Other things besides bird feeders that inadvertently attract bears to people's property are unsecured garbage cans, unsecured compost, and unsecured pet food. Use cans with secure lids, preferably bear-proof.
  • Do not leave food in vehicles in areas with bears. This is especially important for people who visit the outdoors and are not used to thinking about bears at home. Bears can heavily damage and break into locked cars to reach food.
  • Vegetable gardens with root vegetables like potatoes, beets, or carrots can attract bears. Lots of carbs in root vegetables, which they enjoy like fat and protein.
  • Do not use fish fertilizer in your garden. Bears love fish. See bear above dreaming about fish, they love them so much.
  • Burn off grease and clean BBQ grills so that the odors do not attract bears.
  • Read more about keeping bears out of your yard at


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