Environmental organizations benefit from the generosity of our artists.  Each organization works towards protecting and preserving a wild part of our planet.  They go about it in different ways yet they have this in common: they are tireless, they are determined, and they need our support. 

Click on an organization to go to their web site and learn more about the work they do for the planet, or click on a supporting artist to shop at their store.  All environmental organizations listed here are non-profits.  Most of them are based in the US.  All artist donations are based on the sale price of items they sell, excluding the costs of tax and shipping.

Our list of environmental organizations will grow as artists come forward suggesting ones they would like to support.  Someday we hope to have every environmental nonprofit in the US listed here, each lovingly supported by an artist.



American Forests inspires and advances the conservation of forests by protecting and restoring threatened forest ecosystems, promoting and expanding urban forests, and increasing the understanding of the importance of forests.  Since 1990, we have planted over 50 million trees, helping to restore forests in all 50 states and nearly 50 countries.  We will plant millions more.  Our projects help recover wildlife habitat, safeguard vital watersheds, absorb greenhouse gases, and protect stunning landscapes. 

Visit us to learn more at AmericanForests.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Andalee Hyatt / Andalee's website or Andalee Illustration Etsy store.  Watercolor illustrations.  Proudly supports American Forests.

Our mission is three-fold.  1. To propagate the world's most important old growth trees before they are gone.  2. To reforest the Earth with the offspring of these trees to provide the myriad of beneficial ecosystem services essential for all life forms. 3. To archive the genetics of ancient trees in living libraries around the world for the future.

Visit us to learn more at AncientTreeArchive.org.   

Please watch this short documentary about our mission.  

Supporting Artists /Stores:

Dick Hoeft and Rosanne Arnowitz / Dick and Rosanne LLC:  Photos that focus on the incredible beauty, magic, and power of nature.  Manifestations of nature mandalas.  Pledge 5% of the sale price of each item.

Our mission is to create a cooperative effort between residents, schools, organizations, and businesses in the city of Detroit and Southeast Michigan to contribute to both the health of honey bee colonies and the education of their importance to our environment. We are here to educate on the importance of pollinators and the conservation of honeybees while building a network of urban honeybee hives. We have introduced over 9 million bees and manage over 160 honey bee hives at over 50 Michigan locations, across 6 counties, and in 2 countries. 

Visit us to learn more at BeesInTheD.org

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Diane Morgan / Diane Morgan Fine Artrealistic watercolor and oil paintings of bees, flowers, and whatever peaks her interest. Pledges 2% of the sale price of each item.


Big Cat Rescue is one of the largest accredited sanctuaries in the world dedicated to abused and abandoned big cats.

We are home to about 80+ lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts.  What sets Big Cat Rescue apart is that we are working to end the abuse at its root by ending the private possession and trade in exotic cats through legislation and education.

Our mission is to provide the best home we can for the cats in our care, end abuse of big cats in captivity and prevent extinction of big cats in the wild.  

Visit us to learn more at BigCatRescue.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Roxane Gabriel / Roxane's Etsy shop and on Instagram: Colorful oil paintings of nature and people with a touch of spiritual awakening and consciousness.  Pledges 10% of the sale price of each item in the "Our True Nature" series.


Bioneers promotes the sharing and dissemination of practical and innovative solutions for the world's most pressing environmental and social challenges.  Attend our annual conference bringing together innovators, visionaries and people from all backgrounds sharing an interest in models, strategies, and solutions inspired by nature.  Learn what is possible from our website, radio series, television productions, DVDs, and books.

Visit us to learn more at Bioneers.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Victor Matthew Ablorh / on Fine Art America : Acrylic paintings of African scenes and Natural Landscape Paintings.  Pledges $60 from the sale of each painting.

Saving the Bay through education, advocacy, litigation, and restoration. 

Founded in 1967, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) is the largest independent conservation organization dedicated solely to saving the Bay.  Serving as a watchdog, we fight for effective, science-based solutions to the pollution degrading the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers and streams.

Visit us to learn more at cbf.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Cindy Grisdela / Cindy's website or Cindy's Etsy store: Vibrant wall quilts.  Proudly supports CBF.


Since 1967, we've found innovative ways to solve  environmental problems.  We work to solve the most critical environmental problems facing the planet.  This has drawn us to areas that span the biosphere: climate, oceans, ecosystems and health. 

Since these topics are intertwined, our solutions take a multidisciplinary approach.  We work in concert with other organizations - as well as with business, government and communities.

Visit us to learn more at edf.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Caroline Karp / Caroline Karp Art:  Mixed media acrylic paintings of nature, abstractions, and yoga poses.  Pledges 1% of the sale price of each item.

Brooke T Ryan / Brooke T Ryan Photography: Art photography and photo montages on paper, canvas wraps, and pillow covers. Proudly supports EDF.

Friends of the Earth fights to protect our environment and create a healthy and just world.  Together we speak truth to power and expose those who endanger the health of people and the planet for corporate profit. We organize to build long-term political power and campaign to change the rules of our economic and political systems that create injustice and destroy nature.

Visit us to learn more at foe.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Patricia Raible / Patricia's website: Abstract mixed media paintings inspired by nature.  Pledges 10% of the sale price of each item.

Patricia Arroyo /  Arroyo Art Studio: Original watercolor, acrylic, and oil paintings of nature and of people on either canvas, paper or wood.  Includes mandalas and hamsas.  Pledges to donate 10% from each original painting and 5% from each nature print.

Greenbelt Alliance addresses a single challenge: how the Bay Area handles growth. We shape the rules that govern growth to protect the region’s open spaces and to ensure neighborhoods within our cities and towns are amazing places for everyone.

We advocate for, provide expertise on, and build support behind public policy and planning that supports open space conservation and smart growth. We defend the Bay Area’s natural and agricultural landscape from development—from the natural lands that shelter wildlife and provide fresh water to the farms and ranches that give us local food. 

And we shape the rules that make great cities, towns, and neighborhoods—healthy places where people can walk and bike, communities with businesses, parks, shops, transportation options, and homes that are affordable. Together these amazing places drive the Bay Area's economic vitality and quality of life.

Visit us to learn more at www.Greenbelt.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Craig Scoffone / Craig Scoffone Photographs: Traditional and ethereally manipulated photographic images.  Pledges 10% of the sale price of each item in the "Uvas Canyon" series.

 Hong Kong Shark Foundation (HKSF) is a registered charity dedicated exclusively to shark conservation. As apex predators, sharks are a crucial part of the marine food chain. The demand for shark products has contributed to the rapid decline of many species, with several already nearing extinction. Removing sharks from our oceans will threaten the delicate balance of ecosystems that are valuable sources of food and key elements in regulating our climate.

We aim to raise awareness about shark conservation, particularly the unsustainable practice of shark finning, and to reduce consumption of shark products in Hong Kong. Every year, over 100 million sharks are caught worldwide for shark fins and other products, with over 50% of the world’s shark fin being traded through Hong Kong alone. 

Visit us to sign petitions and learn more at hksharkfoundation.org

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Sailev / Sailev's website: Powerful paintings and prints of nature and our relationship with it. Proudly supports Hong Kong Shark Foundation

The International Dark Skies Association works to protect the night skies by combatting light pollution.  Plants and animals depend on Earth’s daily cycle of light and dark rhythm to govern life-sustaining behaviors such as reproduction, nourishment, sleep and protection from predators. Scientific evidence suggests that artificial light at night has negative and deadly effects on many creatures including amphibians, birds, mammals, insects and plants. We encourage communities around the world to preserve and protect dark sites through responsible lighting polices and public education.

Visit us to learn more at DarkSky.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Erika McGinnis / Erika McGinnis Art: Ethereal paintings and drawings.  Proudly supports IDA.

Founded in 1969, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) rescues and protects animals around the world.  With projects in more than 40 countries, IFAW rescues individual animals, works to prevent cruelty to animals, and advocates for the protection of wildlife and habitats.  

Our work connects animal welfare and conservation, demonstrating that healthy populations, naturally sustaining habitats and the welfare of individual animals are intertwined.  We are sensitive to the needs of communities and work for solutions that benefit both animals and people  Visit us to learn more at ifaw.org.  

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Bria Neff / Pigtails Art: Original acrylic paintings and prints of endangered wildlife.  Pledges 75% of the sale price of each item to support IFAW, the Wolf Conservation Center, and the Jane Goodall Institute.

Our approach to conservation of chimpanzee habitats is community centered, based on 9 strategies: Conservation science, Advocacy, Protecting chimpanzees and other great apes, Public awareness and environmental education, Healthy habitats, Youth leadership, Women's healthcare, Sustainable livelihoods, and Research.

Visit us to learn more at the Jane Goodall Institute.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Bria Neff / Pigtails Art: Original acrylic paintings and prints of endangered wildlife.  Pledges 75% of the sale price of each item to support IFAW, the Wolf Conservation Center, and the Jane Goodall Institute.

Marian Jones: Marian Jones's portfolio: Unique moments captured in photography along the sandy shoreline. Pledges 10% of all sales.

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful provides a unique experience for groups to make a local impact in the Tampa community. We offer a variety of service projects for groups of all sizes and ages to improve public spaces. We individualize projects to match the needs of the community with the interests of the groups. 

The Adopt-A-“____" Program is a great opportunity for individuals, corporations or groups to give back to the community through stewardship of public right of ways, parks and shorelines.  Through Trees for Tampa Bay, you can dedicate a tree or bench in a unique and thoughtful way to commemorate that special person or event, to honor a loved one, to celebrate a birth or simply to say thank you.  There are also programs that focus on our educational garden, reducing litter and debris in the watershed, and recycling.

Vist us to learn more at www.KeepTampaBayBeautiful.org

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Caroline Karp / Caroline Karp Art:  Mixed media acrylic paintings of nature, abstractions, and yoga poses.  Pledges 1% of the sale price of each item.


More than 60% of female humpback whales of the Central North Pacific head to the waters around Maui to raise their calves.  The Keiki Kohola Project conducts management-oriented research to help preserve this region as a nursery, where humpback whale mothers can safely raise their calves.

Visit us to learn more at CaringForCalves.org

Photo image courtesy of Cesere Brothers Photography

Supporting Artists / Stores:

John and Dan Cesere / Cesere Brothers Photography.  Fine art underwater photography.  Pledges 10% of their sale proceeds from all humpback whale images.

The Molluscan Science Foundation works to advance the study and preservation of mollusks through education, research, and expeditions.  Though they don't get much publicity, mollusks are an important part of an intact ecosystem; they are an important food source for other creatures.  Many people know mollusks from the distinctly pretty cowrie shell, yet there are 200,000 species of mollusks.

Visit us to learn more at molluscan-science.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Judith Gale / Judith Gale Art: paintings of hidden wonders.  Pledges 10% of the sale price of each item.

MountainTrue champions resilient forests, clean waters and healthy communities across 23 counties in Western North Carolina. We focus on a core set of issues: sensible land use, restoring public forests, protecting water quality and promoting clean energy – all of which have a high impact on the environmental health and long-term prosperity of our region.

Visit us to learn more at www.MountainTrue.org.

Supporting Artists /Stores:

In need of a supporting artist.

Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of wild orangutans and their rainforest habitat. OFI also supports research on orangutans and forests, education initiatives, both local and international, and brings awareness concerning orangutans wherever it can.

Visit us to learn more at Orangutan.org

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Sailev / Sailev Art: Powerful paintings and prints of nature and our relationship with it. Proudly supports Orangutan Foundation International.


The Koala Hospital is a licenced Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility with a strong affiliation with University Sydney, University Technology Queensland and the Australian Museum, and also networks with many institutions, zoos, wildlife researchers, wildlife veterinarians and numerous wildlife rehabilitation groups worldwide.

Along with donating, you have an option to adopt a koala. Your adoption helps with the rescue and treatment of sick and injured koalas and release back to home range if possible; also the preservation and expansion of habitat, collection of information for research relating to habitat, disease, nutrition and habits of wild koalas and to provide educational material, to increase public awareness of all aspects of the koala.

Visit us to learn more at KoalaHospital.org.au

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Sailev / Sailev's website: Powerful paintings and prints of nature and our relationship with it. Proudly supports Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

Founded in 1993, Potomac Conservancy is a member-supported nonprofit that works to ensure the Potomac River boasts clean water, healthy lands, and vibrant communities.  The Potomac River is about 400 miles long and borders on Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and West Virginia.  It empties into the Chesapeake Bay.

The Conservancy fights for improved water quality through conservation and advocacy; and empowers local landowners, volunteers, activists, members, and partners to lead the charge for clean streams and safe drinking water sources. 

Visit us to learn more at potomac.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Eileen Doughty / Doughty Designs: Landscape art quilts, thread sculptures, and fiber art jewelry. Pledges 1% of the sale price of each item for items sold from galleries and 5% of the sale price of each item for items sold elsewhere.

Our mission is to purchase and protect threatened tropical forests and save endangered wildlife through community engagement and local partnerships.

Celebrating 25 years of lasting conservation action, Rainforest Trust has saved over 7 million acres of tropical forests and habitats for endangered species by strategically preserving the highest priority areas. 

Visit us to learn more at RainforestTrust.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Ann Kruglak / Mystic Dreamer Art: Whimsical and fun polymer clay art gifts. Pledges 100% of the sale price of each item.

Runs with Wolves Sanctuary, a wolf rescue and education center, is located in Limington, Maine. Here you will find wolves and wolf dogs, commonly known as hybrids, that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned.  Now, in the comfort of love and compassion, these beautiful creatures can live in peace for the rest of their natural days.   Wolves, like most wild animals, do not adapt well to captivity. They are usually surrendered to rescue facilities if they are lucky, or, sadly, more often euthanized. We do NOT allow our rescued animals to breed, as we are morally opposed to producing more captive wolves and hybrids.

All our volunteers are dedicated to the care of these beautiful animals and the education of the public.

Visit us to learn more at rwws.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Marg Tudino / Earthway Studio: Magical watercolor and pen illustrated art cards.  One of a kind jewelry made of clay and beads.  Pledges 10% of the sale price of each item.

Shel Waldman / Spirit Within Art on Facebook: Finely detailed, contemporary and visionary Native American art. Shel's next series will focus on wildlife and nature. Pledges 5% of the sale price of each item.

Sanctuary Forest is a land and water trust whose mission is to conserve the Mattole River watershed and surrounding areas in Humboldt county, California, for wildlife habitat and aesthetic, spiritual and intrinsic values, in cooperation with our diverse community.

Visit us to learn more at SanctuaryForest.org

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Kim Reid /   Kim ART and Design.  Illustration and paintings.  Pledges 50% of her sale proceeds from each limited edition print of Sanctuary Forest inspired paintings (Luna and Big Red).

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust exists to protect Africa’s wildlife and to preserve habitats for the future of all wild species...

Working across Kenya, our projects include anti-poaching, safe guarding the natural environment, enhancing community awareness, addressing animal welfare issues, providing veterinary assistance to animals in need, rescuing and hand rearing elephant and rhino orphans, along with other species that can ultimately enjoy a quality of life in wild terms when grown.

Visit us to learn more at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Sailev / Sailev's website: Powerful paintings and prints of nature and our relationship with it. Proudly supports Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


Our focus is on conservation and communities—creating as many pathways possible for people and organizations to protect their natural resources and save the places that matter most—properties with ecological, historic and/or cultural significance. We deliver conservation and economic vitality through strong partnerships with government, business and colleague organizations.  

Visit us to learn more at ConservationFund.org.

Supporting Artists /Stores:

Deane Bowers / Deane Bowers Art: One-of-a-kind environmental folk art. Pledges 1% of all web sales.

TMI partners with mountain people to transform their livelihoods and protect their cultures which helps conserve vital natural resources for the planet. The Mountain Institute is the only international non-profit focused solely on mountains worldwide, and actively dedicated to mountain communities and their unique environments. 

Together we identify their most critical challenges, developing local solutions that help communities adapt and become more resilient, especially in the context of climate change. As a trusted partner with local communities, we advance programs focused on sustainable livelihoods for farmers, women, and remote villages. These improved livelihoods, in turn, help protect fragile mountain ecosystems that are havens for wildlife -- snow leopards, red panda, Andean bear and condors, to name just a few. Of the planet's 34 terrestrial biodiversity "hotspots," 25 are in mountains.

Visit us to learn more at Mountain.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Fan Lu / Fan Lu Art: Landscapes in oil and in watercolor. Pledges 10% of the sale price of each item.

Our mission is to create an enduring legacy of natural land in northern Illinois for people, plants and animals.

Visit us to learn more at NaturalLand.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

In search of a supporting artist.

The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and water on which all life depends.  The Nature Conservancy is based in the US and works around the world.

Visit us to learn more at TheNatureConservancy.org.  

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Alarna Valerie / Enchantingly Soulful Creations: Creative art pieces beautifully handmade from natural, raw, and earthly materials. Pledges 2% of the sale price of each item.

Sailev / Sailev Art: Powerful paintings and prints of nature and our relationship with it. Proudly supports The Nature Conservancy.


The Caledonian Forest is one of Scotland's most important forest ecosystems.  Providing a home for spectacular wildlife, it is severely fragmented and in many places consists entirely of old trees.  Trees for Life is working to expand and link these ancient pinewoods by using three strategies: natural regeneration, planting native trees, and removing non-native species.   Re-establishing areas of healthy young forest scattered throughout the barren, deforested glens will lead to natural regeneration in the surrounding areas.

Visit us to learn more at TreesForLife.org.uk.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Trees for Life lost their artist and is hopeful that another artist will step up to support them.


Each of us has an individual and collective responsibility to reforest our planet: to protect our one and only home and all that we know to be sacred. Strategic tree planting takes carbon out of the atmosphere and helps mitigate the impacts of climate change, and we are calling all women to stand with us. Together we can find our true power, strength, and unique expressions of feminine nature based leadership. We are the ones who can leave a better world for future generations.

Visit us to learn more at TreeSisters.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Karen Elizabeth Balon / Karen Balon Art: Art inspired by Gaia's Alchemy.  Pledges 5% of sales.

Barbara Brown / Barbara Brown Art: Paintings, prints, home decor, personal items, a book, and notecards inspired by the forest. See Barbara's Etsy store and Barbara's store on Fine Art America too. Pledges 5% of sales.

Our mission is to mobilize people in local communities around the world to protect marine wildlife and the oceans and inland watersheds that sustain them.  We accomplish our mission through grassroots empowerment, consumer action, strategic litigation, hands-on restoration, environmental education, and by promoting sustainable local, national, and international marine policies.

There are many ways to be involved.  Divers may be interested in joining one of our conservation research expeditions.

Visit us to learn more at seaturtles.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Andrea DiFiore / Andrea's website: Creative photo collages of flowers from around the world in water.  Pledges 10% of the sale price of items in the Floral Waters series.


We believe that when the buying stops, the killing can too.

The illegal wildlife trade is a multi-billion dollar global industry largely driven by consumer demand in expanding economies. While most wildlife conservation groups focus on scientific studies and anti-poaching efforts, WildAid works to reduce global consumption of wildlife products and to increase local support for conservation efforts. We also work with governments and partners to protect fragile marine reserves from illegal fishing and shark finning, to enhance public and political will for anti-poaching efforts, and to reduce climate change impacts.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Sailev / Sailev Art: Powerful paintings and prints of nature and our relationship with it. Proudly supports WildAid.


The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) teaches people about wolves, their relationship to the environment and the human role in protecting their future.

WCC is an environmental education organization that has been working since 1999 to protect and preserve wolves in North America through science-based education, advocacy, and participation in the federal recovery and release programs for two critically endangered wolf species - the Mexican gray wolf and red wolf.  

Visit us to learn more at nywolf.org.

Supporting Artists / Stores:

Bria Neff / Pigtails Art: Original acrylic paintings and prints of endangered wildlife.  Pledges 75% of the sale price of each item to support IFAW, the Wolf Conservation Center, and the Jane Goodall Institute.

The mission of the World Wildlife Fund is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.  Operating in over 100 countries, our work is focused on the following areas: wildlife, forests, oceans, fresh water, climate, and food.  Together we can protect and restore species and their habitats, strengthen local communities' ability to conserve the natural resources they depend upon, transform markets and policies to reduce the impact of the production and consumption of commodities, mobilize millions of people, and ensure that the value of nature is reflected in decisions made by individuals, communities, governments, and businesses.  

Visit us to learn more at: WorldWildlife.org

Supporting Artists / Stores:

John Davis Held / John Davis Held Fine Art : Luminious artwork in pastel and oil. Pledges 10% of the sale price of each item in his wildlife series.

Marianne Rowe / Marianne's website: Mixed media landscapes and natural forms.  Pledges 25% of the sale price of each item.

Our mission as an international nonprofit organization is to protect wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats. We take our name from the now extinct Xerces Blue butterfly (Glaucopsyche xerces), the first butterfly known to go extinct in North America as a result of human activities.

The Xerces Society is a science-based conservation organization.  Our core programs focus on habitat conservation and restoration, species conservation, protecting pollinators, contributing to watershed health, and reducing harm to invertebrates from pesticide use. 

Over the past four decades, we have protected endangered species and their habitats, produced ground-breaking publications on insect conservation, trained thousands of farmers and land managers to protect and manage habitat, and raised awareness about the invertebrates of forests, prairies, deserts, and oceans.

Visit us to learn more at Xerces.org.

Supporting Artists:

Dorothea Sandra / Dorothea's website: Floral and landscape paintings and prints. Pledges 10% from each "Why Kill Nature?" original painting and 5% from each print to the Xerces Society.