Iguanas of the Galapagos Islands

Here you can find answers to common questions.  ForMotherNature is a different concept, so we expect a few questions.

If you don't see the information you need, please contact Cathy, founder of ForMotherNature.com to ask anything.  


What is this website for?

It's for people who realize they are the ones who will change the world.  ForMotherNature profiles artists who are donating money from their sales to help save wildlife and wild places.  Participating artists donate part of their sales proceeds to their favorite environmental nonprofit.  Environmental nonprofits work in a hundred different ways to protect and preserve nature.  ForMotherNature makes it easy for everyone to find these artists, purchase their art, and support environmental nonprofits.  


Can I buy or sell artwork and crafts here?

Artists show and sell their work on websites separate from ForMotherNature.  Simply click on the links provided to visit artist websites, see all their work, and purchase from them. 


Can artists choose the nonprofit they donate to?

Yes, though there are certain criteria.  Mainly, it needs to have an environmental focus and be recognized by one of the following governments as a nonprofit: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia.  


How much must an artist donate to their chosen nonprofit?

Artists choose how much to donate, anywhere between 1-100% of their sales proceeds (not including tax or shipping).  The donation pledge is based on sales from all sources, whether online or not, whether to someone from ForMotherNature or to another customer.  Some artists donate based on a series of artwork, those pledges have higher requirements.  The donation pledge is listed on each artist profile.  Artists must donate a minimum of $50 annually even if their sales for the year are zero.


Do artists pay to participate on ForMotherNature?

There is no charge for participating beyond the donations made to the chosen nonprofit.  The website and its maintenance are provided by the founder, Cathy L. Berman, in an effort to raise awareness and funds for nature. 


More questions?  Please contact Cathy.