Karen Elizabeth Balon pledges to donate 5% of all her sales to TreeSisters.

"Why I paint What I paint, I have been compelled my whole life to draw swirling tendrils. As far back as I can remember. They show up in every painting I paint. I had no idea why I had to draw/paint them, I just HAD to! Recently the "ah ha" moment came. It was actually when I was listening to Clare Du Bois during interview. These tendrils are my roots connecting and communing with Mother Earth! She has been downloading her wisdom, unconditional love, healing support and alchemy to me. Through me via the tendrils from her womb to mine. These messages are not only for me, but also for my sistersouls. For the collective. Messages from the great goddesses and their archetypes. Wisdom of releasing limiting beliefs, the pain and oppression of the feminine, our default settings. For us to learn the strengths of these goddesses and of the unconditional love and ancient wisdom of Gaia. These messages come to me as visions when I "tap" into Mother. These visions manifest, marinating over time into paintings. As well as helping me break the bonds of my own limiting beliefs. Releasing the fear of being seen, of being heard, of not being perfect or being unworthy. Letting go of procrastination, excuses and complacency. Helping me to stand in my own Divine Feminine Power and Authenticity. Helping me to have the courage to share this alchemy and wisdom with my sisters through my paintings. Passing on what is being passed to me, through me."

"Why I chose to aid TreeSister's: I have been searching for an environmental organization that I feel a connection with, but also had to support the empowerment of women. I recently came across TreeSisters and felt the connection I'd been looking for!  After researching TreeSisters, I love the mission and work being done. I feel we are kindred spirits and that donating a percentage from ALL sales of my artwork is the best way for me to give back to Mother Earth."

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